Reddcoin is so inspirational for me personally that I just had to make a fan driven website.

First off for all the information about Reddcoin, then please read it in the words of the Development team first, the link is above and here

If you have not heard about the Crypto-Currency Reddcoin (RDD) yet, then you could be missing out on one of the most innovative, driven, inspirational Digital currencies released so far and I will explain why in an impartial way. (I am a Developer of an unrelated Cryptocoin and have Crypto trader experience since 2011, anyone remember Liquidcoin? lol)

There are a few key factors that any currency needs to have to potentially achieve mainstream success so in not particular order.

The good news- Reddcoin covers every single one of them factors and more in fact and all will be listed on this site as it gains net traffic.

1) Fully working and stable wallet client for a minimum of Windows, Mac OS and Linux. There is also no real excuse to not have an Android wallet aswell.

2) A development and support team that is dedicated to the currency, not matter if things are running smoothly or there are problems. If fact a problem that arises should get a Dev team into extreme fault finding mode and get the issue rectified ASAP and with regular updates.

3) A support network dedicated for the currencies promotion and if necessary explanation for new users and the general public.

4) The currency must have a reason for existing other than doing just trading on exchanges.

5) Regular news updates from the currency team is essential. This maintains faith in the currency and promotes a general consensus of stability with in the currencies support team.

6) The textbook “5 years plan” which most technical (Think-Tank) companies employ with some even have 10 years and the goal is to not think what people want now, that is too late.

It is thinking and developing what people are going to want and monitoring certain trends can assist this is a huge way.

7) Last one for now, any users out there that are planning on releasing a coin, get the testnet up and running first, I have seen many coins Source Code with no Genesis block on the testnet!!

If you have no running testnet then how are Dev’s testing updates?

Anyway, I have been buying up RDD based not on price but future potential, aswell as helping to promote Reddcoin to my other Crypto user networks.

Now might be the right time to bring out the Bitcoin cold storage funds I think :-)

More posts to follow and website additions due to this site still being technically in a beta state.

Thank you for reading.